Saturday, May 12, 2007

Quicksilver Radio PanelRelief(TM)

Hmm, haven't posted here in awhile.

Last night I installed a Quicksilver Radio PanelRelief(TM) bulkhead in my ham shack/office/laundry room (can I multi-task or what?!). The PanelRelief is an adjustable two-piece Lexan panel that sits in a window, and has two M-M connectors. The one I ordered has two SO-239 connectors. This allows me to run my antenna cable into my shack through the window without having it open to the elements.

Along with the PanelRelief, I got a 3-foot antenna patch cable to connect the inside connector to my FT-7800R, a roll of Coaxseal, and a single PowerPole to dual PowerPole splitter cable.

I tested the new setup by getting on last night's MARC net. Everything sounded good to me and apparently my signal was getting out fine.

Around 1700 tonight I heard thunder so I ran into the office and disconnected the patch cord from the PanelRelief. The easy ability to do this was another reason I got it.

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