Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gerber Firecracker Flashlight

Last weekend while up at REI, I picked up a Gerber Firecracker flashlight. Made of machined aluminum, it has 1 white LED, uses 1 AA battery, and puts out 18 Lumens. If you twist the tailcap it'll operate in continuous mode, and can also be used as a momentary switch if you push it in.

According to Gerber the beam will reach 160 feet. It'll reach the back of my yard from inside my house, through a sliding glass door that needs to be cleaned. It's not as bright as my Surefire G2 but it's more useful as a utility light, as opposed to a tactical light like the Surefire.

The one thing which could be improved would be to make the lanyard hole larger. It's only a couple millimeters in diameter, so in order to attach a paracord lanyard I first put a small loop of mason's twine through the it, then ran the paracord through that. (I want to find a small split ring to replace the mason's twine.)

Overall I'm quite pleased with the light. It's taken up residence in my laptop bag, replacing an older, larger light.

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