Sunday, January 06, 2008

Follow up on Debris Shelter

We got a light rain last night which allowed me to see how good of a shelter I made yesterday.  Pretty good as it turns out.  I went out back this morning and checked the ground underneath the shelter to see how damp it was.

Near the entrance it was damper than it was yesterday, but back underneath it was about the same as yesterday afternoon.  An "eve" extending over the entrance would've helped.

Another way to improve this kind of shelter is to use heavy duty contractor garbage bags or drum liners.  Two or three of these weigh hardly anything and take up little room in your woods kit.  You can use one as a tarp over the shelter frame for additional waterproofing and wind blocking, with another as a ground sheet.  Arranged right, you could even use one as a door to keep rain and wind out of the entrance.  I have one such bag tied to the outside of my possibles bag.  I'll be adding a couple more.


Tracy said...

I few years ago I headed out on a cold, rainy day with no gear except my fanny pack based survival kit, walked all day and then built a debris hut and spent the night in it.
It was quite an experience; I should do it again someday.
A skunk kept trying all night to get inside with me, out of the rain. I wouldn't have minded so much, but I didn't want to roll over on it.

theotherryan said...

The ability to make a primative shelter is really nice. Instead of trash bags get some visqueen (that heavy clear plastic) or a military poncho. Either of those will make a pretty good shelter and take up the space of a 1 liter water bottle.