Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mountain House Chicken & Rice

Tonight I tried out one of the freeze dried meals I bought last weekend at REI.  I picked the Mountain House Chicken and Rice.  This comes in a ziploc pouch.  To prepare, you pour in 12 oz. of boiling water, seal the bag, and wait about 8 or 9 minutes.

To make the trial a bit more interesting, I boiled the water in an Olicamp Space Saver cup on an Esbit stove (both from my possibles bag).  Based on past experience with the Esbit, I used two fuel tablets and also covered the cup with a piece of aluminum foil.

It took about 6 minutes for the water to boil.  The Esbit tabs were still burning, lasting for about 10 minutes total.

I followed the directions by pouring in the boiling water, sealing the pouch, and waiting about 8 or 9 minutes.  Then open, stir, and eat.

It was quite tasty.  There wasn't a lot of chicken, rather, it was mostly rice.  However, I found it to be pretty filling (the Newcastle I drank with it helped, I'm sure).

Freeze dried meals like this one have a few advantages: they are light, can be prepared in their containers by adding boiling water, and they have a long shelf life (at least 7 years).

On the downside, you need to be able to provide boiling water, which of course requires not only the water but a way to boil it.  They are also high in sodium, which can be bad for those on restricted diets.

For me the good points outweigh the bad, so I'll probably pick up some more.


Anonymous said...

Hey, these just need to be rehydrated, it does not need hot water. Got this right from the Mountain House website.

Dave Markowitz said...

While that's true, it's better with hot water.