Sunday, December 21, 2008

Clearance on Dickies Clothing

I just ran across this deal and pass it on.  Dickies makes workwear that's good for use out of doors in emergencies.  I ordered one of their Arctic Shield jackets for myself for $22.99 with free shipping.

Link .


winter parka said...

I have visited your site.Very good collections.Very interesting to read.Could you provide me some arctic clothing collections?

Nuke em from orbit said...


Perfect for the flannel and truck set.

Marine said...

I see in your "about me" section that you describe yourself as a "gunny." Are you a gunnery sergeant in the Marine Corps or are you just being jejune?

Dave Markowitz said...

"Gunny" in my sense is someone who is a gun enthusiast. I would never represent myself as a Marine, never having been one.