Friday, April 09, 2010

A Couple New Traditional Knives

I just picked up a couple new traditional knives from SMKW.

(Click thumbnails for full sized pictures.)

First, a Condor Nessmuk knife:

Condor Nessmuk Knife

For a knife that costs less than $30, it's not bad.  Fit and finish are OK, not great.  It's comfortable in the hand and slices pretty well, now that I sharpened it and polished the bevel.  (The edge needed work out of the box.)  I may smooth the matte finish of the rest of the blade then give it a nice patina with vinegar or mustard. The sheath is good, heavy leather and was stitched well.

Next, we have a Case Trapper with chrome vanadium blades and red jigged bone handles.  Workmanship is excellent and both blades came shaving sharp.

Case CV Trapper

Finally, I put them together with a 'hawk I've had for awhile, for a "Nessmuk Trio."

Nessmuk Trio

Not much you couldn't do in the woods with these three tools.

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