Saturday, July 16, 2011

UK Surplus Soldier 95 Jacket

Last week I put in an order for some first aid supplies with Warden's Surplus, and I noticed that they had some British surplus Soldier 95 jackets in stock, and amazingly, in my size.  I've always like British uniforms and the price was right -- under $20, so I added one to my cart. It came the other day.

I've posted a full review with more detailed pictures on the Bushcraft USA forum.


Karen said...

Hey Dave,
Just curious... do you think camouflage type clothing is good for kids and families, as part of our bug-out-bags? Or do you just like them? Just wondering. Thanks. Karen from

Dave Markowitz said...


I mainly just like this camo.

The purpose of camo is to blend in with your surroundings. Pick the appropriate patterns or colors for your area.

For use in a bugout camo patterns may be OK or may be a liability, it depends on the particular situation. E.g., if I had to bugout home from my job in Center City Philadelphia, I would not want to wear camo since it'll stick out. The most versatile clothing with be stuff in muted earth tones that doesn't attract attention in urban or suburban environments, yet will still blend in fairly well in the country.