Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Take on the Single Shot Survival Shotgun

{Army of Darkness}

This is my BOOM stick!

{/Army of Darness}

Inspired by this thread on Arfcom (among others), today I took my old H&R Topper that I got while I was in high school back in the early ‘80s, and cut the barrel to 22” from the original 27.5” length. To cut the barrel I used a cutoff wheel in my angle grinder, then dressed the end square on a belt sander. I used some more sandpaper to debur the inside of the crown.


I hunted with this gun and shot a fair amount of doves with it but it’s been unused for over 20 years at this point. At some point back in the ‘80s the lug on the bottom of the barrel that you screw the forearm to sheared off. This is a common problem with H&Rs of this era. Last weekend a friend TIG welded it back on.


Yes, it’s ugly, but it held on through a few rounds of low brass trap loads.

As you can see in the top pic I added a Truglo fiber optic bead sight and a Pachmayr Decellerator slip-on recoil pad. I also added a set of Allen quick detachable sling swivel studs.

I’m hoping that the fiber optic bead will stay on the barrel. It’s really tight. If not, I marked a spot for reinstalling the original bead.

The length of pull is a little too long for me now so I’m planning to shorten the butt.

My intended use for this is as a camp gun and maybe upland hunting in thick brush. It takes down into two short pieces by removing one screw, so it may also get used as a truck gun on road trips.

Obviously I need to pattern it. It should be OK to shoot with low brass loads and fun with Aguila mini shells, or even black powder handloads.


blackthorn54 said...

Is this a 12 or a 20?

Dave Markowitz said...

This one is 12 gauge.

Blackthorn D. Stick said...

It was hard to tell from the pictures. My personal home defense device of choice (Living in a "non-permissive-environment" as I do) is an O/U 20 ga Stoeger with 20" barrels.

I think it's great. My wife and son know how to use it. The simplicity of a break open shotgun is not to be underestimated, nor are it's capabilities. I prefer the 20 because I'm getting old and I have some back issues. The reduced recoil, even with slugs and #3 buck is so much more manageable than a 12ga.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I like the posts on the single shots.

Dave Markowitz said...

Thanks. You Stoeger sounds like a fine choice.