Wednesday, April 30, 2014

German Flecktarn Parka / Smock Followup

Now that I've had my German Flecktarn parka for over a month and have worn it several times, I can offer some additional observations:

  • It's pretty much windproof.
  • It's not waterproof or even water resistant as it comes, but it'll keep you dry in a drizzle if you give it a couple coats of Tectron water repellent spray.
  • I still find Euro zippers with the pull on the left side annoying. I might take it to a seamstress to have the zipper replaced with one that has the pull on the right side.
  • One of my friends bought one and one of the German Border Guard wool blanket coat liners to use with it. He added acetate inside the blanket liner's sleeves to make it easier to put on. This combination worked well for him during our camping trip last weekend with night time temps down into the 30s, with plenty of wind.
  • I wore mine over a Cabela's 110 gm. Primaloft insulating layer. This combo worked well for me.
  • The parka has the right amount of pockets -- not too many nor too few.

I highly recommend this coat.

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