Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gustav Diary

ShaneS of Listening to Katrina has a new section up on his site, dealing with Hurricane Gustav. Not much there yet but I expect that will change.

Ridin' Gustav

I just ran across this new blog: Ridin' Gustav, A blow-by-blow liveblog of Gustav, from Mid-City New Orleans. Marcus, the author, seems to be pretty well prepared. Hopefully, he comes through OK.

Hurricane Gustav

I've been a bit busy lately with other things so I haven't had the time to post regarding Hurricane Gustav. I see now that an evacuation has been ordered for New Orleans.

Here's NOAA's website tracking Gustav's progress
. The current forecast shows it hitting New Orleans.

Finally, ShaneS's Listening to Katrina remains the best website I've seen for showing you how to prepare for disasters, including hurricanes.