Saturday, February 19, 2022

Ultra Compact Pistol Cleaning Kit

Several years ago I put together the first version of this cleaning kit to accompany an M1 Carbine I used as a road trip gun. I updated it today to keep with my Beretta 71.


  • 1 pull through with loops on each end to hold a cleaning patch. This was made from two of the conductors stripped from a piece of CAT5e network cable. It's plastic coated so it won't damage the bore, and coils up to fit in the plastic bag at lower left. A boresnake or sectional cleaning rod could be substituted. I might make a short brass cleaning rod for the kit because then I could use it to push out bore obstructions.
  • 1 plastic bag containing some .22 - .270 cotton flannel cleaning patches, and two pipe cleaners.
  • 1 "Norton's Universal Cleaning Stick" from This is a thin plastic bar that can be used for scraping or pushing a cleaning patch through crevices.
  • 1 USGI-type gun cleaning brush.
  • 1 plastic bag containing a 1 oz. bottle of Rem Oil and a rag torn from an old T-shirt. Rem Oil isn't the best gun oil but it works well as a CLP for short term use and the bottle size is handy. Use your favorite gun oil or CLP.
  • 1 USGI Vietnam-era surplus "Chieu Hoi" bag, into which everything fits. These were originally intended to use as covers for 20 round M16 magazines in Vietnam. The idea was that they'd be discarded on the battlefield to induce any Viet Cong who picked them up to defect. They are still readily available and make good storage parts for small parts or kits like this one.

Naturally, this isn't a comprehensive maintenance kit. Rather, it's intended to be an ultra compact cleaning kit to keep in the pistol case to keep it running as part of a grab and go kit.

The pistol, extra magazines, and cleaning kit all fit into this US Peacekeeper attache-style gun case (Amazon affiliate link). A 100 round box of .22LR ammo should also fit.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Compact .22 Handguns

This is an interesting article:

It was referenced in this thread on BCUSA (I think you can read it w/o being registered):

I currently have three compact .22 pistols:

A Beretta 71 "Jaguar".

It's a great, sweet shooting, and very reliable piece. However, I it might not be the best choice for hard use  due to the lack of spare parts or factory magazines. That said, I managed to find a couple sources for used factory Beretta 7x magazines on eBay. I have one on order so hopefully it'll work well.

This afternoon I dug out the Jaguar and painted the front sight with a white base coat and a high-viz green. I've been doing this on most of my pistols because it really helps with visibility cf. a plan black blade.

A Ruger SR22.

Mine has the threaded barrel. DA/SA, reliable, polymer framed, and very light. Has current, American factory support. With good ammo it's reliable but IMO it could benefit from a stronger hammer spring.

A High Standard R-101 Sentinel revolver.

Even though the HS revolvers are long out of production, I wouldn't have a problem relying on this gun. They are known for durability and of course, magazines are not an issue. It holds 9 shots in the cylinder, which gives it an edge over 6 shooters. I just got it a little over week ago so I need to run a variety of ammo types through it to see if it prefers anything in particular. Accuracy with Federal Game Shock was mediocre. I got it to the range for the second time this weekend and it seems to like Aguila Super Extra and CCI standard velocity ammo. It also shot OK with CCI Mini Mags and Remington Golden Bullets.

I also have a Ruger 22/45 Lite, which while lightweight it's not very compact, and another 22/45. An advantage of the Lite is that aside from having a threaded muzzle, it also came with a Weaver rail so mounting a compact red dot sight is easy. Mine has a Bushnell TRS-25 red dot sight on it.